STOP-PRESS - VIRUS NEWS MARCH 2021 - Craig Y Nos Castle (Weddings, Accommodation and Ghost Tours) in Wales

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Please note that whilst the Virus Pandemic is as it is, and until such times as a date for indoor hospitality has been given, we are sad to say that Craig Y Nos Castle is unable to offer/take or book any standard room accommodation. We are though able to take Wedding Accommodation Bookings and these can be confirmed/reserved

Once, we have been given a date for the go ahead of standard non event related accommodation, we will then select specific dates and these will only be offered on a Dinner, Bed and Breakfast Basis

Any other rates on our website(s) are indicative as to what could be booked - but the above are the only places where rates remain correct and accurate.
March Virus News

12th March 2021
Whilst Boris Johnson last month set out a roadmap clearly Mark Drakeford has not wanted to follow a timetable, roadmap or give indicative dates, although had said at the 12th March in his Welsh Update, that he was preparted to allow shops to open probably around 12th April, with some shops already open, to sell non essential products from 22nd March, along with Garden Centres to open at the same time. 4 people from 2 different households could also meet in Gardens and we were allowed to travel away from home but "locally" - the local restriction was being removed on 27th March.

Wedding Ceremonies are allowed - and are subject to the venue size - so at Craig Y Nos Castle, this is give or take up to 40 maximum when using our Conservatory but does not allow any food or drink at all.

Accommodation is also being opened from 27th March, if staying on a totally self catering basis and there is the ability to stay in a hotel (if self contained) and with room service.

Craig Y Nos Castle, is unable to offer room service as both the costs would outweigh the benefits not least during the period 27th March, until Outdoor Hospitality opens there would NOT be much to do, places to go or things to eat.

The following gives an idea of where we may be

19th March 2021
With no planned announcement, at the usual Friday Update, nothing much was mentioned bar, confirmation that the dates, times and schedules noted above were to come into place, so after watching the update the only real change was that from 12th April 2021, subject to no change or backtrack, as shops were opening the assumption therefore is that the Castle can also open for Wedding viewings.

It therefore came as a shock, when around 3pm, that day, social media was a buzz to changes and the apparent moving into a lower Level 3 alert (albeit in theory this does not really do much for the Castle or its trading) and we are still of the belief that if Boris' roadmap announced last month is kept, then almost (with a little bit of hope) means that Wales may follow suit.

Welsh Government updates Coronavirus Control Plan

The Welsh Government has today updated its Coronavirus Control Plan, setting out how and when more people and businesses will be able to resume their activities in the safest possible way.

In December, the First Minister published the Coronavirus Control Plan: Alert Levels for Wales,which set out how the national measures would be introduced in a more predictable way based on a framework of four alert levels.

The plan has been updated to take account of Wales’ fast-moving vaccination programme and the emergence of the highly-infectious Kent variant of the virus, which is now dominant throughout Wales. It also reflects the risk of new, potentially vaccine-resistant variants of coronavirus being imported into Wales from people holidaying and travelling overseas.

The new plan will support the Welsh Government to continue to relax restrictions while the public health situation continues to remain positive – rates have fallen significantly across Wales thanks to all the hard work and sacrifices made by people during the winter months. It sets out a range of indictors the Welsh Government will analyse and assess, alongside professional expert advice and intelligence from local partners, to determine how restrictions are relaxed.

But if there are strong signs of a growth in infections, it also sets out how the relaxations may need to be slowed, paused or in the worst case, reversed.

First Minister Mark Drakeford said:

“The coronavirus pandemic has turned all our lives upside down. Over the last 12 months, everyone in Wales has made sacrifices to help protect themselves and their families and help bring coronavirus under control.

“This is a cruel virus – far too many families have lost loved ones, and unfortunately, we know that many more people will fall seriously ill and sadly will die before the pandemic is over. But the way people and communities have pulled together across Wales, and followed the rules, has undoubtedly saved many more lives.

“We are now entering a critical phase in the pandemic. We can see light at the end of the tunnel as we approach the end of a long and hard second wave, thanks to the amazing efforts of scientists and researchers across the world to develop effective vaccines. Our amazing vaccination programme has made vaccines available to people in the most at-risk groups at incredible speed.”

More than 1.2m people in Wales have said yes to vaccination and have received their first dose; more than 300,000 people have completed the two-dose course. The aim is to offer the first nine priority groups of adults vaccination by mid-April and all eligible adults a first dose by the end of July.

Early results about the effectiveness of the vaccines are promising in terms of their effect in both preventing severe disease and transmission. But, until the vaccination programme is more advanced, a large proportion of the population will remain vulnerable to infection.

The uncertainty and unpredictability of the Kent variant means that Ministers are adopting a more cautious approach to coming out of lockdown.

The updated Coronavirus Control Plan sets out the following phased steps for moving from alert level four into alert level three:

From Monday 22 March:

First phased opening of non-essential retail – restrictions on the sale of items will be lifted for shops, which are currently open;
Garden centres re-open.

From Saturday 27 March:

Next week, Ministers will confirm if the conditions allow for the following relaxations to come into force:

Stay local requirement lifted, moving Wales into alert level three;
First phased opening of the tourism sector as self-contained accommodation opens;
Organised outdoor children’s activities resume;
Limited opening of outdoor areas of some historic places and gardens;
Libraries re-open.
1 April review cycle

From 12 April (if conditions allow):

Full return to schools, colleges and other education;
All shops to open;
Close contact services to open.
22 April review cycle

The following areas will be considered as part of the 22 April review, if the public health situation continues to remain positive and vaccination rates continue to increase:

Gyms, leisure and fitness facilities;
Outdoor attractions;
Outdoor hospitality;
Community centres;
Organised activities (30 outdoors, 15 indoors);
Extended households.

First Minister Mark Drakeford added:

“Just as we are rolling out vaccination, we are facing a very different virus in Wales today. The highly-infectious Kent variant is now dominant in all parts of Wales.

“This means the protective behaviours we have all learned to adopt are even more important than ever – getting tested and isolating when we have symptoms; keeping our distance from others; not mixing indoors; avoiding crowds; washing our hands regularly and wearing face coverings.

“The pandemic is not over – spring and summer give us hope of more freedom, as rates of infection fall and more people are vaccinated.

“But we must be need to careful – we can’t rush the process of relaxing restrictions and risk a resurgence of the virus.”

We will revisit this plan after vaccination has been offered to all eligible adults – currently scheduled for the end of July – when more evidence and data about its impact will be available.

Michael Ludwig (Craig Y Nos Castle Business Systems and Procedures Manager) says:

We will wait to offer standard accommodation once meals can be served, or at least a wider remit to be able to have food somewhere bar in their rooms – although we will be allowing self catering in selected Castle Apartments. Hopefully, once indoor Hospitality is allowed (perhaps from end May) we will offer Dinner, Bed and Breakfast on selected dates.

Accommodation can currently only be let to Welsh residents and members of the same household and their support bubble, therefore staying at the Castle before even outdoor hospitality is opened (unless staying self catering) there is no-where to go in the day, with no shops open, nothing to eat in the day, with no hospitality allowed.

As 22nd is the date when Outdoor Hospitality opens, i believe that we will then be able to offer Welcome Drinks at Ceremonies and feel that shortly after, indoor Events may open - this on account that Organised Activities for 15 people are allowed from that date also.

We are yet to establish if this includes Weddings as the regulations do not say "hospitality" yet say Weddings and say 15.

A further update is due on 2nd April.

We currently have 2 dedicated Wedding Planners working from home and carrying out Virtual Viewings at weekends - we appreciate the many questions our wedding couples have to ask and we will answer emails within 48 hours.

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