STOP-PRESS - VIRUS NEWS JUNE 2021 - Craig Y Nos Castle (Weddings, Accommodation and Ghost Tours) in Wales

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Well 7th June, was the date we were (or at least I and probably most of Wales) was expecting that there was going to be some movement in Wedding numbers - specifically the increase from 30 to 50 indoors and from 50 to 100 Outdoors.

Last night 3rd June, I was not very happy - as Mark Drakeford, decreed that whilst Wales is moving into Alert Level 1 (good news), he is doing it with a phased approach (bad news).

The first phase concentrating on Outdoors.

Suffice to say, this is not good for the Wedding Industry, where people need (more so expect) to be able to get married with more than 30 of their friends  and family at their Wedding Breakfast.

However, currently this is not going to happen, you can read it all here

"The move to alert level one will be phased, with outdoor events opening first. Ministers will review the public health situation again, ahead of June 21, to determine whether indoor events can restart"

"The first phase of the move to alert level one means that from Monday June 7:
   Up to 30 people can meet outdoors, including in private gardens, outdoor hospitality and public places.
   Larger outdoor organised gatherings and events, such as concerts, football matches and sporting activities, like organised running groups can go ahead for up to 4,000 people standing and 10,000 people seated. All organisers planning events and activities must undertake a full risk assessment and put in place measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus, including social distancing"

This though does mean that come 21st June, there is another review wher it is hoped that

"The Welsh Government will consider further changes to the regulations on indoor activity later in the month, if public health conditions allow.
These include:

  • Rule of six for meeting indoors in private homes and holiday accommodation.
  • Increased numbers for indoor organised gatherings and indoor events.
  • Opening ice skating rinks"

In essence:
  • Large outdoor events are set to go ahead once again in the latest announcement of lockdown changes in Wales.
  • More people will also be allowed to meet outdoors, with things like parkrun being allowed to resume.
  • Outdoor events such as concerts, football matches and sporting activities can go ahead for up to 4,000 people non-seated and 10,000 people seated.
  • The size of extended households can be increased to up to three households, and a further household with a single adult or single adult with caring responsibilities will also be able to join.
  • The First Minister will announce the changes at a press conference on Friday afternoon.
  • The wedding industry has been left out of the recent review.

Click the following for more information:

This will affect all weddings at least June, where numbers are greater than 30 and how wish to have the Wedding Reception/Evening Party indoors - as currently, this is not allowed. Our Wedding Manager and her great team will be in contact with how we can make your wedding still go ahead - whether a combination of indoors or outdoors and/or postponing your Wedding at no cost under our pencil/postpone or confirm policy.

First Minister Mark Drakeford says Wales will not lift all restrictions in June
"The First Minister Mark Drakeford has told Good Morning Britain that Wales will not lift all restrictions against the coronavirus on June 21 if England does.
He said: "If England were to lift all restrictions on June 21, that would not be the case in Wales. Life in Wales will be very significantly back to as it was before but there still will be some things that we think are too risky but we will not be allowing those until we are more certain that we have got everybody vaccinated, at least with a first dose and as many people as possible with a second dose, so we have more protection from any new dangers from this virus that has had many many surprises up its sleeve that we are as confident as we can be that we have built those protections as high as we can."

More News to Follow......

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