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Resoration & Rebirth

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The First Decade in a New Chapter

In October 2000 SelClene Ltd bought the Craig-y-Nos estate from Dr & Mrs. Jones and took up the restoration challenge.

SelClene Ltd needed a Welsh location for its domestic cleaning business, and after considering the 1930's addition to the former hospital for office space, decided to settle here.

After consolidating their business relocation, the company began to take a deep practical interest in the historical connections of the castle and, of equal importance, to it's potential as a hotel and tourist centre.

Over recent years, due to great effort and a considerable expense, the deterioration of the buildings has been halted, with comprehensive and sustained progress towards the ultimate creation of a first class hotel and accommodation, aimed at serving visitors from far and wide, enhancing the tourism potential within southern Wales whilst boosting the local economy.


Guest rooms have been upgraded to a high standard and their numbers greatly increased, allowing the renovations to continue at an increasing pace. The owner has continued to preserve the Victorian/Edwardian ambience throughout, highlighting the history of the castle
and establishing its new role for the future.

Most of the old stable area, with its former hospital operating theatre and x-ray room, have been converted into en-suite bedrooms and disabled facilities.  The inner courtyard has been sympathetically restored, bringing it back to life, giving a taste of  former days at the castle.

The structure of the conservatory has been assessed and firm plans have been accepted for returning the glass and ornamental iron structure to its former Victorian splendour with the coming year.  Plans are also in place for the renovation of the promenade above the river Tawe, where Patti had once relished the view and subsequent hospital patients breathed the mountain air in the fight against tuberculosis.  

Rescue plans for the Patti theatre and the main castle buildings are firmly in place and should bear fruit in the foreseeable future. This includes a huge scaffolding project, whereby a tarpaulin canopy will protect the roof from the weather, while it is completely renovated and the future of the castle is secured.

View our Conservatory Slide show to see how it is now

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