The Glas Fynydd Forest - Craig Y Nos Castle (Weddings, Accommodation and Ghost Tours) in Wales

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The Glas Fynydd Forest

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Walk:         WOC 12
Location:     Glas Fynydd Forest off Trecastle Mountain Road      

Directions:   Turn right out of castle, first left at Tafan y Garreg pub on the mountain road to Trecastle. You will climb up a winding single track lane, cross a cattle grid, and out of the woodland bit into open mountain with a winding stream off on your left. You climb for a few miles into the mountain - a very scenic road - and then you start to descend again, eventually crossing over another cattle grid. Immediately after the cattle grid the road descends through a woodland area.

Within a few hundred yards of this second cattle grid, you will turn off left down a small minor lane. So once you have crossed this second cattle grid, look out for the first road on your left (unsigned), drive down it for a quarter mile at most, and park up in the first left lay-by you come to.

Having parked up you will know if you are in the right place as there are some farm fields on the left here, with white and grey llamas or some similar creature in the field.

Immediately to the left there is an old residential caravan and a large tin barn. Park here and take the woodland track into Glass Fynydd Forest (not signed as such). You will pass a small windmill at the top of the field on your left, where the woodland path branches right for one circular walk, or goes straight ahead for what, for us, is not a circular walk on account of a boggy area a mile or two along.

(Note: There are further woodland walks in this area which I have not fully explored. These will be added as additional walks later. If you wish to explore them, take the first road off to the right after the second cattle grid. This road eventually takes you to Crai (one more right turn to get to Crai) for a circular drive back to the castle. For the as yet undiscovered walks, a few hundred yards along this lane you will find woodland walks to the right. The one on the left does not go on for more than 30 minutes before coming out on the road you are on, further down. But the woodland walks on the right look promising. More later.)

Distance (miles):   Maybe 8 miles - cannot verify on sat nav.
Time (hours):     15 minutes approximately.
Length of Walk:  2 hours and 15 minutes for a circular walk as described below.
Dates Walked:     09/09/2009, 11/09/2009, 26/09/2009 (?), 28/11/2009, 28/01/2010,

Parking:      Free

Pop in to:   Nothing else here but check out the Lamas!

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