Cwm Glynn - Craig Y Nos Castle (Weddings, Accommodation and Ghost Tours) in Wales

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Cwm Glynn

Dog Friendly Accommodation > Walks around the Castle > North of the Castle

Walk:        NOC 08
Location:       Cym Glyn near Brecon

Directions:   Not easy to find at all. Go to Libanus, then head towards Brecon on the A470. Take minor C road single track lane first right as you come out of Libanus, about a mile after you leave Libanus to the south. Now you wander around the lanes heading north towards Brecon. There are no signs at all.

From memory, having taken first right as you come out of Libanus (turning off right into a narrow lane beside a white cottage or some such) you come to an unsigned junction. Take the road off to the left which will bring you semi parallel to A470 going north. You wind along this road for a few miles, and eventually come to a country parks / walks sign leading off a dirt track to the left. Do not turn off to the left on some of the junctions you come to as this brings you back to the A470. If you go to the right you end up in a very pretty valley, but are now very lost.

Though the walk is not sign posted, hopefully I can get a grid reference or something added so you can program your sat nav correctly.
Distance (miles):  16.5 miles to Libanus then 6 miles or so lanes
Time (hours):      35 minutes probably, to the walk area.
Length of Walk:   3 hours.
Date Walked:      06/04/2008
Parking:      Free - plenty of space up steep lane with parking areas leading off to
right and ahead. Park right at the top by the field gates.

Pop in to:    Brecon  

To Download this walk in full, including a route and description with images, please click here.

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