Bookkeeper - Craig Y Nos Castle (Weddings, Accommodation and Ghost Tours) in Wales

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SelClene Ltd - the owners of Craig Y Nos Castle (based less than 30 minutes from Morriston) are looking for someone to essentially keep an eye on our finances and a track of our income and expenditure. You will need to be fully conversant with the role of a day to day book keeper and undertake the following "everyday essential book keeping tasks".

We are looking someone able to start immediately.

You will have prior knowledge in assisting with the finance department (either as a Book Keeper, or previous within an Accounts Management Role) and be able to think on your feet, work fast and monitor and control areas of spend within a multifaceted business - SelClene Ltd operates a Domestic Cleaning Franchise, a House Rental Business as well as our primary business of a Hotel and Accommodation Venue.
Naturally the ability to understand and manipulate spreadsheets is a must, with a keen eye for detail and a focus on ensuring that problems that are forseen are reported on way before actually being an issue.

You will be able to organise your day, week and month to ensure that tasks are completed and reported to the BSPM, or any higher management. The effective use of Time Management Controls and To Do Lists are a must. The use of Microsoft Office is a given requirement and you will be trained in our bespoke database and spreadsheets.
You will have an understanding of Financial Related Software Packages including SAGE, TAS and Xero Software (although full training in the specific packages will be given) and have a full understanding of Payroll and Paye.

Your daily tasks will include but are not limited to the following:

The payment of invoices.
Salary and Wages, using our Payroll system - a knowledge of SSP, SMP, Pension and some Personnel aspects.
Regulatory Payments to HMRC
Bank Statement and Credit Card Reconciliation.
Income and Expense Reconciliation through Cash book and Bills to Pay entry prior to but not including Management Account Completion.
Rota Financial Control - ensure that staff operate within their hourly rota to stay within financial budgets.
Outward Invoice Creation to External Suppliers.
Some knowledge of VAT would be advantageous although you will not be initially required to complete VAT returns.
Daily Banking

In addition the following tasks will be undertaken and you will work with our Business Systems & Procedures Manager:(BSPM)

1. Understand the Big Picture – being the whole of the Budget Globally, and Commit and Buy in to the objectives of the budget. For example, we currently aim to have £1.2m turnover net of VAT and a budget net of VAT for wages at £300k, Suppliers at £500k, Builders and Cap works at £200k, and £200k profit - you will be required to monitor these budgets and alert the BSPM when these areas are nearing their monthly budget spend.

2. Commit to ensuring we stay within Budget in all departments, wages and suppliers. So it is not just a case of entering figures onto spreadsheets on time - the reactive task of bookkeeping, You then have to take time to proactively analyse outcomes, implications. It is about ensuring the figures are analysed and advance checking systems are in place to monitor spending and correct any overspends either before they happen, or if they happen, to make adjustments to budgets in the future so future spending is reduced to claw back any overspend.

3. Propose Solutions to Management and to ‘think like a manager’. If a budget seems to be going over, and find out what can be done to reduce the spend is working, perhaps because the events side has got busier making the original budget unrealistic, then they would need to propose an increase in this area of the budget, if needed, and look for where savings can be made elsewhere to allow it. It is not acceptable to sit silently entering the figures into the spreadsheets, making no comment in a budget setting meeting, and then failing to comment during each month of the year as the budget is exceeded, other than to say, towards the end of the financial year, that the budget was never enough to begin with and that was why we went ‘over’. The bookkeeper Manager should be committing and buying into all the pre-set budgets, and should they realise, when all else is tried, that a given budget is unworkable, to come up with alternative proposals and solutions.

4. Enforce Budget Control systems on the Wages Monitor through the existing team of staff. For example, direct the departmental supervisors to set hours for their departments a minimum of two rolling weeks in advance in the wages rota, both according to need and within budget, having reference to the budget set in the rota, and reducing hours if budget is exceeded, together with appointing a Supervisor in each Department, too monitor actual hours worked against the set hours, to ensure set hours are not exceeded in practice, and where exceeded, the rota for that staff member is then reduced in a forthcoming week to claw back the over spend.

5. Enforce Budget Control systems on the Suppliers Budget by buying wisely at best possible price. This will involve agreeing prices with suppliers in advance, to be held for a minimum agreed period (ideally a year to coincide with the financial year) and that all purchases are bought at this agreed price, save that were a competitor is found to be offering the same product at a lower price, through regular competitor price reviews, that we then switch supplier for the affected product(s), if the existing supplier won’t reduce their costings.

6. Ensuring all financial information is entered on time according to the requirements of the Business Procedures Manager, to whom the Accounts Manager will report, and according to any further instructions given by the Managing Director. These include the Wages Rota Spreadsheet, the Bills to Pay Spreadsheet, the Suppliers Budget and any other spreadsheet or system introduced to help control the budgets.

Whilst the above seems deemed alot, with a methodical approach and prior planning the tasks can be undertaken in bitesize chunks according to a schedule. Within your daily book keeping tasks you will be expected work as an individual however Management Tasks will initially be undertaken with the supervision of the BSPM
In order to engage the right applicant we are looking for someone who has previous experience in this type of work and are offering a competitive salary dependent on experience and relevant qualifications to an initial maximum of £22500.

A 40 hour working week with a core 10am till 4pm Monday to Friday (you can decide when to work the remaining hours).
Subsidized Lunches, Free Parking and the chance to join a successful business that has been built up from a ZERO turnover in 2000 to £950,000 in 2015. You will be working with a great team of people who are able to help and assist and provide support when required.

Verifiable References will be required.

To apply please email your CV and covering letter to:
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