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Weddings in Wales

Weddings in Wales

Set in the heart of the Brecon Beacons, Craig-y-Nos Castle is the perfect location for your romantic and historic wedding in Wales. With the wonderful Welsh countryside it really is a special place to hold your special day.

In 1878 the castle and its setting captivated the leading opera star of the day, who felt she had found the home of her dreams amid the calm isolation of this beautiful valley. The castle's name alone strikes a romantic note and in rough translation means 'Rock of the Night'.

Craig-y-Nos Castle has excellent wedding and banqueting facilities catering for small parties and large parties. All the comforts of the castle are offered together with a friendly service that will realise your every expectation for a successful event. The castle houses a grade one listed opera house theatre as well as newly refurbished Conservatory, both venues are licensed for weddings, making Craig-y-Nos the perfect setting for taking your marriage vows. You are welcome to come and view the castle and its listed gardens. This gives you the chance to picture how your wedding will be, in such a beautiful setting surrounded by history and romance.

Why get married at Craig Y Nos Castle?

Consider whether you want a 'local' wedding, where you choose a venue near to the majority of your guests, or whether you want a non-local wedding, where you and your guests travel to a venue further away, such as Craig y Nos Castle.

So very quickly, the reasons for choosing a local venue are:
1) All your guests (if local to you) can easily get to it.
2) You can economise by having two separate halves of the day - a smaller wedding breakfast for close friends and family, and a larger evening do for evening buffet guests.

Reasons against may include: 1) Limited choice of good venues locally. 2) Family and relatives scattered around the country, so not enough local guests to justify having a local wedding. 3) Tariffs locally are rather high. 4) If having a separate group of evening guests, you definitely have to provide an evening buffet, whereas if you have no extras in the evening, you could just have a later Wedding Breakfast and save on the buffet.

Advantages for choosing a non-local venue such as Craig y Nos are:

1) You can take over a building and have it to yourself.
2) All your guests can stay under one roof and you can make a full day or weekend of it.
3) Much wider choice of interesting venues if you go further afield - including historic, gothic, scenic, very special etc.
4) Very good deals to be had if you have lot of guests staying overnight - Example: if you have 50 guests staying overnight at Craig y Nos, you get the venue for free and are only paying £40 a headin 2014 for your guests (for the wedding breakfast and welcome drinks package) plus a mere £10 a head for the evening buffet with six choices of buffet item (for those guests attending the day do).

Disadvantages are: 1) It is not a local wedding: you and your guests will have to travel here. 2) You may end up with a load of very distant places to view if you are seriously considering venues that are not local to you.

Please consider whether you are really looking for a 'local' venue near where you live now, or are prepared to travel a bit further, to get a really good tariff, in a very interesting and unique historic building.

The main reasons people choose Craig y Nos are:

1) The Grade One Listed historic theatre
2) All my guests can fit within the castle and can stay in it overnight
3) Stunning views over the Country Park and the Brecon Beacons backdrop of mountain scenery
4) Loads of photo opportunities
5) Wedding Breakfast in the Conservatory with vistas over the countryside and mountains
6) Separate room for the evening do - so my guests are not confined to one function room for the entire day; they can run around the whole castle.
7) No other wedding on at the same time as ours - under the Special Wedding Offer Deal the place is 'ours' for the day.
8) Not a modern square box building - but a 'character' gothic Victorian curiosity with lots of history
9) Special Wedding Package at a very competitive rate, allowing you to pay a fixed sum for 50 guests allowing them stay at the Castle overnight. For more information visit our Wedding Pages here.

A number of last minute deals are also available

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