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The theatre at Craig-y-Nos Castle is a listed building of significant historical value. It was built by Adelina Patti to entertain her guests and its design is based on Drury Lane Theatre in London.

It was one of the first theatres in Britain to have electric stage lighting. Prior to this "paraffin floats" were used. These were steel trays placed along the front of the stage and filled with paraffin oil. A ball of cotton wool or cotton gauze was floated on the surface and ignited.

It is not surprising that many theatres burned down in those days.

The unique floor of the seating area can be raised up level with the stage and this was to enable the room to be used as a ballroom, once the theatrical performance was over.

Today the Craig-y-Nos Castle Theatre is one of the few remaining victorian theatres with the original backstage mechanisms preserved and fully working.

Many heads of state and internationally renowned artists graced the theatre in Adellina's time and today it still remains as a wonderfully preserved memorial to the great diva and the great composers who's names she so fit to include in the regal decor.

The theatre is still used for staging operas and can be reserved as a unique venue for wedding ceremonies.

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