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Birds of Prey

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July 2017
Our in house Maintenance man Seamus Monaghan, recently took up a new hobby - Falconery - he is looking to become a fully fledged Falconer and keeper of owls.
Currently, Seamus is currently looking after his Birds of Prey at Craig Y Nos Castle and is more than prepared to allow guests to visit them - with prior arrangement.

Craig Y Nos Castle is able to introduce you to Athena the Red Tail Hawk and Tilly the European Eagle owl.

Athena and Tilly were both in a bird sanctuary and rescue centre and although well cared for both needed someone who could give them a bit more attention.

Seamus is currently training them to play a special part in our Wedding Clients special day and all going well one of these impressive  birds will be able to fly majestically over the heads of your guests to deliver your wedding rings.

They will also be available for pictures after the ceremony.

Also joining the other birds being cared for at Craig Y Nos Castle by Seamus are 2 very cute young Barn owls and like the rest of the team after training will be available for

Of course you don't have to be attending a wedding to meet Athena or Tilly, all our castle guests are welcome to spend some time with them.

If you would like to discuss the Birds of Prey or Owls feel free to get in touch with Seamus via his Facebook page or ask at our Reception and if Seamus is working that day, will be more than happy to introduce you to his Birds of Prey.

(All bookings and viewings are subject to availability of the falconer and the health and well being of the birds)

Please note that the Birds of Prey are wholly owned and cared for by Seamus, and Craig Y Nos Castle accept no liability for any loss, damage or injury caused by your interaction with the Birds of Prey - dogs should be kept on a lead. Craig Y Nos Castle accept no liability if the Birds of Prey are unavailable and it is adviseable that you contact Seamus in advance should you wish to arrange to meet them.

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